FLOOR BABA (Jesse Martin) is a Youngstown, Ohio-based composer, producer, curator, illustrator, and 3D artist.

In 2015 FLOOR BABA's debut album GAMEWAVE was critically acclaimed for its blend of chiptune, hip hop, vaporwave, jazz, and EDM elements. In 2017 his sophomore release NEON DEATH expanded on this sound while growing more personal and organic, delving into themes of life and death and collaborating with rap artists.

Other notable releases include two beat tapes, Basement Bumps and It Don't Make Sense, and a jazz guitar EP, The Cost of Being Cool. He is also a member of indie hip hop/R&B group DOWNLOWS.

Heavily active in the online experimental music and art scenes for over 5 years, FLOOR BABA has assisted and even founded independent record labels, served as judge for compilation albums, provided audio services for independent artists, organized live events, taught privately, and performed live across the country.

In his daily life Jesse is a dog dad, works as an insurance agent, and enjoys playing Skyrim and Nintendo games.