Press quoteS

“FLOOR BABA pulls together video game music, club, and jazz-fusion influences.” - Anthony Fantano

“A force majeure.” - 1833

“Curator and super-talent that you don't want to sleep on!” - Crunchyroll

“Crafting extremely enjoyable pop through the combination of hip internet sub-scenes (...) able to successfully combine the wide range of genre tags with world record precision. (...) Each new playful, jazz-element added represents a new level supported by the chiptuned background.” - Enlightenment For Your Ears

“Dripping with original composition, you will think that you’re hearing samples because of how authentic and well-placing a producer FLOOR BABA is.” - 3DCAST

“FLOOR BABA successfully merges his love of classic video game production with the dance sensibilities of today’s genre du jour, EDM. (...) A uniquely quirky and very catchy production style.” - Hit Drip Media

“Listening is like spending a night in a club where the floor is made of clouds.” -